Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC out next week

Dead Island DLC thumb

The first batch of Dead Island DLC, titled 'Bloodbath Arena', will arrive on the 22nd of November. The DLC adds a survival mode, pitting you and your friends against waves of zombies in four different arenas. Leaderboards are promised, as is the ability to carry experience earned in survival over to the campaign. There's also a new weapon, dubbed the 'brain wave bomb'. We don't know what it does, but it certainly sounds cool.

The DLC is priced at a steep £7.99, but will be free to anyone who pre-ordered the original game. If you haven't bought Dead Island yet, check out our Dead Island review to help you make up your mind. Alternatively if you prefer your content free and user created, take a look at our Dead Island mods post.

Check inside for some screenshots of the Bloodbath Arena DLC.