Where to find Curtis' safe key in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Curtis' safe key location - Curtis is brandishing a gun and standing on the roof of his mansion
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If you're wondering where to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis' safe key, then chances are you've started the Death of the Party side quest and found the Valuables Safe but can't find any way to unlock it. Don't worry, you're not missing anything—not to be confused with the garage key, you won't get Curtis's safe key until you've progressed through the story a little more.

While exploring the looted mansions and zombie-filled streets of Hell-A, you might want to know how to get fuses so you can unlock even more loot. Or if you're struggling, some Dead Island 2 tips might also be useful to help you survive on your journey. Either way, loot is loot, so here's how to get Curtis' safe key in Dead Island 2 and gain access to those valuables. 

Dead Island 2 Curtis' safe key location 

You need to find the key to open the safe. (Image credit: Deep Silver)

Hopefully you're not too squeamish because you will need to defeat a very specific zombie to grab Curtis' safe key. Head to the back entrance of Curtis' mansion, and the area outside should be marked as a Screamer hot spot on your map. If this isn't the case, you need to progress through the story until it is otherwise, you won't be able to get the key.

If the rear of the mansion is marked as a hot spot, look for the screamer called Crystal the Lawyer. Clearly she's seen better days, and you'll need to put her out of her misery as she is the one holding Curtis' safe key. Once you've defeated her, loot the key from the ground and return to Curtis' Valuables safe, which is found inside the wine storage room, opposite the utility room and close to the garage.

Use Curtis' safe key to open it and claim your rewards, which include a revolver and a nice stack of cash. 

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