Where to find Curtis' Garage Key in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Curtis Garage
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The Dead Island 2 Curtis' Garage Key is one of the many you'll have to locate to unlock a secret stash of loot. In this case, it's a room just outside the aging star's mansion filled with crafting materials and the Reinforced perk blueprint that lets you increase weapon durability—it's pretty useful if you have a favorite tool that you use to dismantle zombies.

If you're still exploring Bel-Air, you might want to know how to get fuses so you can unlock even more loot. Some Dead Island 2 tips might also come in handy if you're planning to see your journey in Hell-A through to completion. Either way, here's how to get Curtis' Garage Key in Dead Island 2. 

Dead Island 2 Curtis Garage Key location 

The Curtis Garage Key is actually located in… Curtis' Garage. Weird, I know, but you don't actually need the key in order to get into the locked room with all of those crafting materials and the blueprint. This happens quite a lot in Dead Island 2; the game makes you think you need a key to get in, when you can just smash open a window, or head around the back.

In this case, what you need to do is go around to the side of the garage with the cars and hit the button between the doors to open the left one, watching out for the zombies inside. Once you've dispatched them, look for the boxes with the blue 'fragile' writing on them at the back of the room and destroy them with a weapon. This should let you crouch and slip through into the section of the garage behind the locked door. 

Inside, you'll find some scrap for crafting, a workbench, and the Reinforced perk blueprint, which is honestly one of the best in the game. You can also find Curtis' Garage Key in the room to unlock the door to get out.

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