Dead Cells gets a slick animated trailer in advance of leaving Early Access

Dead Cells (opens in new tab) made it into our list of the best metroidvania games (opens in new tab) alongside the likes of Cave Story + and Hollow Knight even though it was still in Early Access, and has only improved since then. To celebrate its impending release from the dungeon of lengthy public betas, it's got a cool new animated trailer that sums up its core loop of killing, dying, and trying again with some new gear.

When Shaun first played it last year (opens in new tab), here's how he summed up the unusual hook of Dead Cells: "A very excellent and important touch is that you play as a man with no head—a ripe roleplaying opportunity. This headless fellow must collect cells, for some reason, and is doomed to repeatedly do so."

Dead Cells will be leaving Early Access on August 7 (opens in new tab).

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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