DC Universe Online to receive free monthly updates

DC Universe Online - chaaarge

President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley has been talking about Sony's plans to support DC Universe Online, saying that subscribers can expect "major content updates" as well as monthly patches for the game. Details follow.

Speaking to Eurogamer , Smedley explains what players will be getting for the price of their subscription, saying "about a month out you can start expecting major pieces of content and major new features to come in. We'll be adding all kinds of cool stuff. We're not quite ready to reveal what our after-launch plans are yet. Needless to say we have a lot of content we're in QA on that players haven't seen yet."

Smedley goes on to reveal a few of the things we can expect from the updates: "You'll get large new raids, new end-bosses to fight, new quests, new graphics, new features - we're looking at new voice features. There are many, many things you'll be getting, and a constant stream of it. That's why we'll keep the dev team so large, so we can continue to crank out content." He adds that Sony expect that a team of 50-75 developers to stay working on the project.

When asked if players will be charged for any additional features, Smedley says "absolutely not. We will have a micro-transaction marketplace demo on here, but for actual content no. In the future we may have expansion packs, but if you're talking about the regular monthly patches then no, we won't be charging for those."

Smedley also revealed another interesting fact about DC Universe Onlne. Internally, the development team have been playing the game cross-platform, with PC and Playstation 3 players questing together on the same server. Smedley explains that it's technically possible for players on both platforms to play togehter, but "the servers are separated, and largely they're separated for business reasons. Practically speaking, on the PC, you have to have a Station Account. On the PlayStation 3 you have to have a PSN account. Things are separated mainly for those reasons."

Which is a shame, it'd be great to have the opportunity to form a super team and face-biff some PS3 players. You can expect our first impressions from DC Universe Online soon. The game's out now. For more information check out the official DC Universe Online site . here's the launch trailer:

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