DC Universe Online Battle For Earth DLC release date set for March 13

DC Universe Online - giant robot sphinx

The Battle for Earth DLC will finally give DC Universe Online players the chance to take down Braniac, who's been bothering Earth's citizens with his plans for world domination ever since DCU came out last year. As mentioned in our DC Universe Online update reveal , heroes will be heading to Wonder Woman's home town on the island of Themyscira, aka Paradise Island. It sounds like a nice place for a superhero to take a holiday but THIS IS NO HOLIDAY. Unless you count fighting a giant robot sphinx as a holiday, which Batman probably does.

Anyway, it's out on March 13, and promises extra stuff for players of all levels. There's a big invasion of Gotham to deal with and there will be a suite of new Earth powers to acquire, explore, reject and eventually embrace, as the typical superhero origin narrative arc demands. Find out more about the Battle for Earth on the DC Universe Online site , and check out these superheroic scenes from the battleground of Paradise Island.

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