DC Universe Online announces Lightning Strikes DLC pack

DC Universe Online Lightning Strikes thumb

Flash Fact #1: DC Universe Online's transition to free to play has been very successful, with huge numbers of players joining since the switch.

Flash Fact #2: Sony are capitalising on this by working on a new DLC pack called Lightning strikes.

Similar to the Green Lantern themed Fight for the Light pack, this pack offers a new set of content themed around one of the iconic DC characters, in this case The Flash. New with Lightning Strikes will be an Electricity power set, a new map based around the Flash's home town of Central City, new gear, new characters and more.

Check inside for a rundown of what's included and some early screenshots:

Included in the DLC pack are:

  • Electricity Powers - Including powers like Tesla Ball, Shockwave and Ionic Drain
  • Central City - A new zone with solo and group missions
  • New Gear - Including a Professor Zoom inspired set for villains and a Black Lightning inspired pack for heroes.
  • New Characters - Including Livewire, Black Lightning, The Top, The Trickster and Static.
  • The Flash Museum Duo - An adventure starting in the Flash museum where players travel back in time to make sure Barry Allen becomes The Flash.