DayZ dev diary details new features and reflects on Early Access

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DayZ Wolves

Two years DayZ (opens in new tab) has been in public development. Two years! At the risk of sounding like a haggard old man, it feels like just yesterday that PC Gamer was hunted down by the internet (opens in new tab) in Chernarus. In that time there have been some momentous changes, like the departure of Dean Hall (opens in new tab), in addition to rather little progress on some longstanding problems. In a dev blog (opens in new tab) today, Bohemia took a brief look back at its trek through Early Access and detailed some of the major updates we can expect before version 1.0 arrives next year.

The choice morsels include modding support, aerial vehicles (the Little Bird helicopter ought to arrive soon in the new year), a new renderer, new animation system (this one has been a long time coming), updated UI and 'fluid movement' within the world. I'm excited! Heck, I was excited two years ago, but that petered out when it dawned how far off the finished product was—now, I'm excited again, because that list contains acknowledgements of DayZ's deepest, most enduring flaws and a pledge to get them fixed. Roll on, 2016!

Correction: A previous version of this article indicated that the Little Bird would arrive before Christmas, but it was actually pushed to sometime after (opens in new tab), though "not too far off."