Daylight: the Unreal Engine 4-powered horror game gets a ghostbusting trailer

Aptly named developers Zombie Studios have unveiled the first footage of their Unreal Engine 4-fuelled horror game. We mentioned Daylight back in February , but it's particularly impressive in motion, showing its protagonist exploring a seemingly abandoned location, with only a phone (and later flares and glowsticks) for company. Whereas I'd hide in a corner and check Twitter until the ghosts got me, the star of Daylight loads up the Compass app and decides to do some exorcism, cleansing creepily possessed dolls and teddy bears in the procedurally generated hospital she finds herself in.

Yep, Daylight will offer a different experience each time you play, according to Zombie, who you might know from their free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution. "The layout of the hospital, the location of the items that populate the world, and location of events that happen" are the things that will change on you, suggesting a sort of Slender vibe. There's obviously a big dollop of Amnesia in there too, from the very physical manhandling of doors to the apparent absence of combat.

Daylight should set you back around $20 when it arrives on Steam "soon", with additional chapters to be added after launch.

Thanks to Evil Avatar , VG247 .

Tom Sykes

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