Stand-alone version of DoW2: Retribution's Last Stand coming tomorrow

You can have your very own Lord General for just $10.

This is pretty cool: tomorrow, Relic plans to release a stand-alone version of the Last Stand co-op survival mode of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution as a $10 download from Steam.

Last Stand, which was initially added to Dawn of War II in a patch shortly after release, has proven to be a big hit. It makes a lot of sense to release it as its own game, since it's essentially a completely different animal from its RTS/action-RPG campaign and multiplayer modes, and appeals to a different crowd. A $10 price lowers the barrier to entry considerably (versus the $30 price for Retribution) for people who want to check it out.

“We saw this as a unique opportunity to introduce new players to the Dawn of War franchise as well as expanding the player base for the already popular Last Stand mode,” says DoW2 Producer Jeff Lydell.

Anybody out there gonna pick this up?