Dawn of War 3 adds modding tools and Steam Workshop support

Back in June, Dawn of War 3's Annihilation update introduced new multiplayer modes, maps, and doctrines—such was the community's most sought after features at the time. 

Now, its latest comprehensive update adds modding tools with Steam Workshop support, balance improvements, and a number of quality of life adjustments as Relic continues its drive for player feedback. 

Due yesterday, but subsequently delayed till today, the update also adds autosave features to the game's campaign mode and vehicle health upgrades to player-made structures. 

Balance tweaks include turrets for all factions now having their Power cost reduced from 60 to 50, while the slowing effect levied by Devastators, Terminators, Lootas and Dark Reapers is new classed with 'Suppression', a new status effect. "Suppression does not stack with other sources of suppression, so reads this description, "but the highest value of suppression will override the other sources."

A a number of weapon upgrades across a host of classes also befalls the update—the full extent of which can be read over here.   

At the time of writing, Relic has not confirmed when the update will roll out however did say this last night on the Dawn of War 3 Facebook page

"We're still ironing the kinks out of the update, it doesn't look like it will go out today as planned. We apologize for the delay, but we're working to get it bug free for you. As mentioned, you should still be able to play the current version of DOW3 in the meantime. Keep watching here for updates."

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