Dawn of the Tiberium Age, the mod that combines C&C and Red Alert, lines up big update

Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a long-serving standalone mod that combines the original Command & Conquer and its Red Alert follow-up. First launched in 2008, it's since received a host of updates—the latest of which is packed with new stuff and is due December 1. 

I appreciate this might be the first you're hearing of Dawn of the Tiberium Age, so before we get to its newest features, here's its creators on what it's all about: 

Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA) is a standalone mod that combines Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert using the Tiberian Sun engine. The project's aim is to allow people to both play and mod TD and RA, while having all of the benefits of the TS engine. All 4 factions (GDI, Nod, Allies, and Soviet) of the original games are included and can simultaneously battle one another on over 100 original multiplayer maps. 

This can be done either in classic mode (which matches the balance of TD and RA1 as closely as possible) or enhanced mode (which adds many new features and competitive balance improvements). DTA also features dozens of challenging, unique single player missions as well as co-op missions that can be easily played over the community-driven CnCNet online service.

On so onto the new: Dawn of the Tiberium Age's update 1.16 introduces new hotkeys, as well as a re-made Red Alert campaign map, two new co-op missions, and seven new multiplayer maps. The following video details all of that in just over 30 minutes:

The mod's creators add that update 1.16 brings with it several improvements to its client and game engine. "You can look forward to hearing much more about our updates and changes in the next 3 weeks until DTA 1.16's release," the creators add. 

Dawn of the Tiberium Age's 1.16 launch is due December 1. More information, including installation instructions can be found via its ModDB page.