Dawn of the Tiberium Age C&C mod adds napalm mortar tanks

After almost a year of radio silence, Dawn of the Tiberium Age—the Command & Conquer mod that combines the original game with Red Alert—teased details of its incoming update 1.16 last week. Now, it's dropped some specifics ahead of its December 1 introduction—not least details of its mortar-firing tanks. 

New vehicles are heading to both sides of the war, so says this update post. For the Allies, a new Tank Destroyer is capable of sniping tanks from range which, "just like a real sniper", can disable targets with one single shot. Mammoth Tanks and Heavy Tanks are exceptions here, however two shots should dispose of the latter without issue.

On the Soviets' side, the Behemoth is bigger than the Mammoth and, perhaps expectedly, boasts tougher armour. It also comes equipped with napalm mortars, which are powerful enough to pluck enemy aircraft from the sky. Here's the Behemoth in motion: 

A range of buffs and nerfs have also been applied to the mod's naval, infantry, and base systems in update 1.16—and the Spy is now a buildable Allied unit. Here's a rundown of how Spies operate: 

Depending on which structure your Spy infiltrated, you'll be given access to different information about the player who owns that structure: Barracks, War Factories, Construction Yards, Helipads and Airstrips will allow you to see which infantry, vehicle, structure or aircraft is being produced. A power plant will allow you to see exactly how much power a player has and how much power is being drained. A Refinery or Silo will show you how much tiberium or ore is stored inside. And possibly the most popular Spy target of all: the radar, which will reveal shroud around all units and structures of the player that owns the radar you infiltrated.

Dawn of the Tiberium Age is due December 1. Read more on the above via the mod's ModDB page