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Darksiders 3 reveals two DLC packs ahead of next month's launch

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Darksiders 3 (opens in new tab) may be gearing up for its November 27 launch, but it's also now unveiled not one but two incoming DLC packs—The Crucible and Keepers of the Void. 

With the promise of new puzzles, challenges items and enemies, the former sees fiery protagonist Fury summoned by a strange entity. Never one to back away from a challenge, says publisher THQ Nordic, Fury heads for the eponymous Crucible to lock horns with waves of hell-born baddies. 

Keepers of the Void, on the other hand, offers similar material goods, but sees Fury embarking on a quest from Vulgrim. Only by removing an ancient threat from The Serpent Holes can Fury claim "the biggest prize of them all"—'The Abyssal Armour'. Sounds ominous.

No hard release date on any of that as yet, but expect Fury's further adventures in the weeks and months that follow Darksiders 3's November 27 arrival. Till then, have another gander at the Force Hollow trailer that landed last week (opens in new tab):