New Darksiders 3 trailer shows Fury unleashing the Force

THQ has released a new trailer for Darksiders 3, which reveals more about how the game’s modular combat will work.

Titled “Force Fury”, the minute-long video demonstrates the third horseman’s unique combat style. As well as being a harbinger of the endtimes, Fury is apparently a mage, empowered with a range of abilities called “Hollows” that enable her to evolve into different forms. 

The form demonstrated in the video is her Force form, which centres around concussive and telekinetic powers. This includes the ability to pick up chunks of rock from the world and hurl them at opponents. It also turns her hair purple.

The video shows off some suitably apocalyptic environments, and as you'd expect plenty of combat. In one section, Fury squares off against what I can only describe as a giant, morbidly obese grasshopper, which suggests there will be some intriguing boss encounters in the game. In fact, here's an image of the big cricket you'll be battering.


THQ provided some more information about Fury’s powers. “Her so-called Hollows are powers bestowed upon her by the Hollow Lord to help her lead the Horsemen and defeat the Seven Deadly Sins. Once she's unlocked them, Fury can switch between her four Hollows at will to adapt to her enemies and environment.” Fury will apparently use these powers to battle “from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell” as players explore a “free-form planet Earth.”

It’s been six years since Darksiders 2 let us roam the Forge Lands as Death himself. In that time its developer, Vigil Games, died and rose anew as Crytek USA. That studio was then downsized after Crytek ran into trouble, and the core team reformed again as Gunfire Games, who are developing Darksiders 3. 

Evidently it's been a turbulent few years for the series and the people behind it. Despite this, however, Darksiders 3 looks sufficiently in keeping with the previous games’ Zelda-ish blend of environmental puzzle solving and combat.

Darksiders 3 launches on November 27. If Gunfire can pull-off everything they’re aiming to do, Darksiders 3 could yet prove to be this year’s surprise hit.