Darksiders 3 flaunts impressive new demon-slashing footage

After some speculation, THQ Nordic confirmed Darksiders 3 with a reveal trailer back in May. A 12-minute-long slice of in-game footage then followed which, being pre-alpha, looked a wee bit rough around the edges. 

Now, a new gameplay trailer depicts a far more polished Fury flame-whipping and double-jumping her way around the suitably "ruined Earth" locale. And it looks lovely. 

Have a gander:

With that, traversing the treacherous Hollows—a skeleton footsoldier-filled, lava-spewing cavity—looks tough enough, never mind being forced to go toe-to-toe with the odd Lava Brute as showcased above. I mean, for a beast that appears to lack a head and eyes, it swings that hulking hammer with some pretty determined precision.

Protagonist Fury is up to the challenge, though, with some elegant whipping and evasive cartwheeling. Before long, the Lava Brute is felled—but not before the cheeky beggar explodes upon death. 

Working alongside Gunfire Games, most of whom worked on the original Darksiders, THQ Nordic said this of the forthcoming venture earlier this year: 

Return to an apocalyptic planet Earth in Darksiders 3, a hack-n-slash action adventure where players take on the role of Fury in her quest to hunt down and dispose of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Charred Council calls upon Fury to battle from the heights of heaven down through the depths of hell in a quest to restore humanity and prove that she is the most powerful of the Horsemen.

As a mage, Fury relies on her whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil. The expansive Darksiders 3 game world is presented as an open-ended, living, free-form planet Earth that is dilapidated by war and decay, and overrun by nature. Fury will move back and forth between environments to uncover secrets while advancing the Darksiders 3 story.

Darksiders 3 is as yet without a concrete launch date, however is expected at some point in 2018.