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Watch 12 minutes of Darksiders 3 'pre-alpha' gameplay

Darksiders 3 was first rumored, and then very quickly confirmed by THQ Nordic, earlier this week. It's a "hack-n-slash adventure" starring a whip-wielding mage named Fury, who's been charged by the Charred Council with hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins, who have taken up residence on an apocalypto'ed planet Earth. It's not expected to be ready for release until sometime in 2018, but thanks to the magic of "pre-alpha" gameplay footage on IGN, we can get a look at what's in store right now. 

The environments look fairly standard as far as the "ruined Earth" motif goes, but Fury whips it real good, using her glowing red strap o' demon leather to beat bad guys into submission, and also to swing between hard-to-reach locations. She's got some pretty good acrobatic moves too. 

The video culminates in a throw-down with Sloth, "Lord of the Flies," who is literally an infernal manifestation of "Don't make me get out of this chair." It doesn't go super-well at first, but Fury eventually finds her rhythm and delivers a beatdown of the apocalypse unto him. It looks and feels unfinished, yes, but that's presumably because it is unfinished—this is all pre-alpha footage, recall, so there's still a lot of work left to do. 

Andy Chalk
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