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Dark's E3 trailer undermines itself with a terrible, terrible music choice

I'm still holding out a small amount of hope for Realmforge Studios' vampire stealth game Dark, but I'm beginning to think that might just be leftover enthusiasm for the excellent Vampire: Bloodlines. The following video, produced to coincide with E3, offers a masterclass in how not to make a trailer, comprised as it is of vaguely positive quotes by people who haven't played it, backed up by some truly awful music. Despite that, hey, at least it features actual gameplay, focusing mainly on our hero John Vampire's - sorry, Eric Bane's various supernatural powers.

Play that with the sound off, and Dark - which is out July 9th, by the way - doesn't look too bad. If the stealth's up to scratch, this might even hold me over until Splinter Cell: Blacklist.