This Darkest Dungeon mod sheds light with MS Paint makeover

From its boss rushing to its sun praising and dragonslaying, Darkest Dungeon's player-made mods breath new life into a game obsessed with death. But it needn't be all doom and gloom and paranoid masochistic alcoholism—Blackest basement's (uploaded by mikolaj007) Mspaint dungeons mod adds a welcome splash of colour to Darkest Dungeon's otherwise dank and depressive oubliettes.

At present, the work-in-progress project applies a custom map and custom font, while reworking the quest selection background, the game's UI, the base game's trinkets, a handful of enemies, sections of the hamlet and more in a familiar painterly style. 

Enough telling, more showing:

The mod's creator links to this checklist, which tracks the project's full credits and progress should you be interested in what's coming next. For everything else, check out Mspaint dungeons' Nexus Mods page