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Dark Souls 3 reshade mod transforms Lothric with surrealist watercolours

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Writing about The Witcher 3's Ultimate Graphics Options Mod last week divided opinion among the PC Gamer readership. Some loved it and some loathed it, and while I understand why these mods aren't for everyone, I'm a sucker for seemingly small adjustments that transform game worlds almost beyond recognition. 

Like Axcalay's 50 Cell-Shades of Dark Souls mod for Dark Souls 3 that adds a dose of vibrancy to the otherwise grim Lothric backdrop. "Really fancied making a tooned-up Reshade for Dark Souls," says the mod's creator. "It's came out really well, so if you feel like a change, and like animation, then give it a try."

Instructions for doing so are housed at the mod's Nexus page, however, alongside the header image above, here's a glimpse of what you can expect: 

In its vanilla state, Dark Souls 3 is beautiful, and while there are many reshade mods which add their own tweaks and refinements to its aesthetic, few do so in such an inspired way as this one. At the risk of sounding cheesy/showing utter contempt for what makes good art, I'd gladly hang some of the above on my wall.

In other Dark Souls 3 news, its first slice of DLC—Ashes of Ariandel—lands next week. Stay tuned for our impressions.