The Witcher 3 goes abstract with this graphics mod

Since release last year, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been treated to a huge library of neat and nifty modifications. We've gathered some of the best to date over here, however sometimes using mods against their intended use wields impressive results. 

Take marvelmaster's Ultimate Graphics Options Mod, for example—according to its blurb, it's "an overhaul of [the] graphics options menu for accessing advanced graphical settings without changing user.settings or restarting the game." While the mod does have scope to improve The Witcher 3's already impressive visuals, it can equally dial things down to great effect. 

As demonstrated by Reddit user Linas_002, setting the game's TextureMipBias to value 8 transforms Novigrad into a wonderfully vibrant low-res, low-poly world where its inhabitants have no facial features and its landscapes give off a distinct cartoonish Dragon Quest/Studio Ghibli-esque vibe. 

You can of course alter the game's ini files manually, however not only does this mod make the process more straightforward for those less confident in doing so themselves, it also marks a cool example of what mods can achieve—both purposefully and, in this case, inadvertently. 

Novigrad is undoubtedly a beautiful locale in its native state, however the following screens are equally gorgeous in their own way.