Dark Souls 2 set to keep Havok physics engine

We've known since E3 that Dark Souls 2 will debut an upgraded graphics engine , but it looks like the sequel will share at least one core feature with its predecessor as we learn that the upcoming RPG will keep its Havok physics engine, according to a report at Joystiq . Responsible for collision detection and physical simulation, the system ran the memorable rag-doll corpse behavior in the first Dark Souls game.

In a game about confronting, managing, and coming to terms with death, it helped that, thanks to the game's physics, dead bodies in Dark Souls retained so much personality and unpredictability as they slumped and sprawled on the ground.

As we saw last week in the latest trailer, Dark Souls 2 should look gorgeous . Thankfully it's not a port this time , but rather a version developed for the PC from the beginning of the development process, according to past comments from the game's director, Yui Tanimura. Dark Souls 2 is set to release in March 2014.