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Dangerous Driving 2 will have an open world and releases this year

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Released last year, Dangerous Driving was an admirable stab at capturing the spirit of the old Burnout games, and it's no wonder: studio Three Fields Entertainment boasts talent who worked on that series. Now Dangerous Driving is getting a sequel, scheduled to release this year, and based on the scant information we have thus far it sounds a lot like a Burnout Paradise game.

Whereas the first Dangerous Driving game was a mostly linear affair, albeit with an abundance of destruction-oriented modes, Dangerous Driving 2 is an open world game. It'll boast split screen and online multiplayer, and in much the same way most open world racing games work nowadays, you can graze the open world for events or else just drive (or crash) around at leisure.

That's all the info we have thus far. It'll release 'Holiday 2020' and will be demoed at PAX East in late February / early March, so expect a trailer with gameplay footage to drop around then. For those among us still wondering how on earth EA could abandon something as ripe with potential as Burnout Paradise, well, this could heal the pain. While you wait, here are the best racing games for PC you can play right now.

Shaun Prescott
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