Daedalic's newest adventure, Night of the Rabbit, released on Steam

A top-hatted boy with dragonfly wings, forests that glow oddly of their own accord, and parties attended by bespectacled animals? Night of the Rabbit is looking like the most whimsical, dreamy thing PC gaming has seen in quite awhile. It's out today on Steam for $20.

The German studio has called Night of the Rabbit its "biggest adventure game so far." Them's big words, given Daedalic's pedigree in crafting old-school-inspired point-and-clicks. You'll play wannabe magician Jerry, who's followed by a white rabbit into the realm of Mousewood and other fantastic places. Claiming to clock in at 20 hours, Night of the Rabbit promises both light-hearted giggles and thought-provoking twists in a coming-of-age story. Many of the suit-wearing, party-attending rodents apparently have their own backstories too, which are included as in-game bonuses.

Exclusively on Steam is the Premium Edition , which comes with the soundtrack and eight "audio stories" for an extra $5. You can also get the normal edition on GOG . Full details on the adventures with friendly frogs and happy hamsters can be found at the Night of the Rabbit website .