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Cyberpunk tabletop creator will cameo in Cyberpunk 2077

Mike Pondsmith
(Image credit: Gamelab Barcelona)
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In an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine , Mike Pondsmith, creator of the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop game, confirms that he's recorded for a role in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 based on his RPG.  

Pondsmith can't divulge much about his role, but he does say "There are a lot of fans who are going, 'He better be in the game somewhere.' So I'm in the game." 

It sounds like Pondsmith might actually not even know much about his role, but like all of us, he'd clearly like to hang out with Keanu.

"I actually recorded for one role, but they came up with a different one for me," Pondsmith says. "I'm figuring what happens is, you know, at some point [Johnny Silverhand] is playing his guitar and I'll come out and play my bass."

Although we don't yet know for sure what Pondsmith's role in Cyberpunk 2077 will be, it sounds like his class in 2077 is definitely Rockerboy and not Corporate.

Lauren Morton

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