How to find the Relic in The Information quest in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 how to find the relic — the exterior of the Konpeki Plaza hotel.
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On the hunt for the Cyberpunk 2077 Relic biochip? You may have just hopped into the Cyberpunk 2077 braindance editor for a second time, but there are a few clues to find in the Arasaka penthouse before you can locate the biochip you're looking for. Your virtual trip to Konpeki Plaza won't be long, and you'll uncover all the information you need ahead of your next mission.  

You'll spend most of your time zooming around in Editing Mode in the braindance editor, but feel free to watch the whole recording from Evelyn's point of view as this is an optional objective. To save you some time scrubbing through the timeline, I'm here to highlight when and where you need to be scanning the room for hints. Here's how to find the Relic in Cyberpunk 2077.

Ahead of the big Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update and Phantom Liberty expansion, we've updated this guide to ensure you're ready to rock, Silverhand.

Cyberpunk 2077 Relic location: The Information quest guide

We know there are three layers to the braindance editor: Visual, thermal, and audio. You'll need to switch between all three to ace this mission, as well as rewinding and fast forwarding through the timeline. Just tap Shift on your keyboard to swap between layers as you go. Hold E to fast forward, Q to rewind, and space to play/pause.  

In the audio layer, scan Yorinobu's phone as he talks

T-Bug guides you through the first step and tells you to listen in on the conversation Yorinobu is having. Switch to the audio layer and scan (hover over the magnifying glass icon) the video feed on the wall to verify the sound source.

Pause at 00:33 to scan his phone. Now you can sit back and listen to Yorinobu's phone call for a few moments. At around 01:10 on the timeline hints that another clue is on the way, but you won't hear it until 01:30 when the person on the phone reveals that the Relic requires specific storage conditions and recommends Yorinobu read the documentation.

In the visual layer, scan Yorinobu's datapad while it's turned on 

T-Bug prompts you to look for the Relic documents, so open up the visual layer. Speed forward to 02:44 and head over to Yorinobu's bedroom. He's leaning on the bed with the datapad in hand ready for you to scan. You learn that the Relic is in a thermal case because it needs to be stored in cold conditions.

While in the visual layer, rewind to 02:38 and scan the item at the end of Yorinobu's bed. On a cabinet you'll find a loaded gun. Remember this when you take on the Heist mission as you'll definitely want to grab this Iconic item.

Scan for thermal clues to find the Relic

Toggle the thermal layer, and position yourself next to Evelyn at 02:38. You should be at the corner of Yorinobu's bedroom looking in. On the right wall, high up is a vent. At 02:42 you can see the cold air escape from the unit. Scan this and T-Bug will let you know that the temperature matches the information in the documents, but it's unlikely the biochip is in there. Rewind to 02:02 and scan the Champagne and ice bucket on the table in the middle of the main room (close to Evelyn and Yorinobu). At 00:57 you can scan the fridge Evelyn's standing next to eliminate that possibility. Finally, scrub back to 00:41 in the thermal layer to find the hidden safe in the left corner of the main room.

Optional: Scan the apartment's security systems

Now switch to the visual layer and rewind back to the first clue (show as a bar on the timeline). Rewind to 00:19 and pause. You can now scan the motion sensor camera on the wall, close to the entrance. You can also scan the alarm system, which is located below, on the wall to the right of the camera.

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