How to hack the Cyberpunk 2077 Militech Datashard

Cyberpunk 2077 Militech Datashard money - Meredith holding up a credchip
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Curious about the Cyberpunk 2077 Militech Datashard? By the sounds of it, you've just met Meredith Stout, and you're working your way through The Pickup quest. You can just hand the credchip straight over to the Maelstrom, but it's more interesting to explore all your options before skipping off to the All Foods gate.  

Prepare to work some Cyberpunk 2077 hacking magic. It only takes a few seconds to remove the malware from the datashard, but it's worth doing if you're hoping to stay on the right side of the Maelstrom gang. Here's how to get the Militech Datashard in Cyberpunk 2077 and hack it to remove the malware stored on the chip.

Ahead of the big Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update and Phantom Liberty expansion, we've updated this guide to ensure you're ready to rock, Silverhand.

Cyberpunk 2077 Militech Datashard: How to get it

Before heading to the All Foods building in The Pickup quest, you have the opportunity to call Meredith Stout and arrange to meet her. This optional objective appears after you speak to Dexter DeShawn in his car (The Ride quest). While the meeting is a little hostile at first, the conversation leads to you receiving a Militech Datashard that has some cash on it. 

With the credchip safely in hand, you can then poke around and remove the malware on the chip. This virus is intended to catch out the Maelstromers, so tampering with it can change what happens when you meet Cyberpunk 2077's Royce later on.

Cyberpunk 2077 Militech Datashard: How to neutralize and copy the malware

After Meredith drives away, you can use your hacking knowledge to use Breach Protocol on the credchip and wipe it. Open your Journal (I) and select the Shards tab, then scroll right down to the bottom and choose the Militech Datashard. Then, press F to crack the security on the chip. 

Upon breaching the credchip you'll notice that there are two sequences:

  • Neutralize Malware: Removes the malware infecting the shard (55, 1C, E9).
  • Datamine Copy Malware: Makes a copy of the daemon infecting the shard (BD, BD, FF, 55).

It's possible to complete both sequences, but the game-changing option is the neutralize malware sequence at the top. Here's how to hack the Militech Datashard and enter both sequences:

  • BD: Top row, fifth column.
  • BD: Bottom row, fifth column.
  • FF: Bottom row, fourth column.
  • 55: Fourth row, fourth column.
  • 1C: Fourth row, second column.
  • E9: Bottom row, second column.

Now you're ready to meet Jackie at the All Foods gate and continue The Pickup mission.

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