Cyberpunk 2077 claims another victim: The Medium is delayed until January

The Medium
(Image credit: Bloober Team)

The Medium, the new horror game in the works at Layers of Fear studio Bloober Team, has been delayed. It was scheduled to arrive on December 10 but the developer said today that because of the COVID-19 pandemic and, well, certain other things that were supposed to happen in November but are now taking place in December, it's decided to put everything off until January 28.

"It wasn't an easy choice to make, but one made due to the COVID-19 situation in Poland, as well as the current schedule of other games on the market," it said. "Bloober Team remains committed to delivering our biggest, most ambitious, fear-inducing experience to date."

"The additional development time will allow us to add further polish, ensuring we deliver our innovative, genre-pushing vision of interactive psychological horror. Rest assured, the delay will not stop us sharing information with you, and you can expect us to unravel a few more layers of The Medium's great mystery soon."

COVID-19 issues are no doubt legitimate, but I have to think that the Cyberpunk behemoth is the real issue here. Its move to December has already elbowed Everspace 2 and the next big Path of Exiles update into January, and having a launch date set for literally the same day as Cyberpunk 2077 is about as bad a break as any game can get. The extra wait is a disappointment for horror fans, no doubt, but I really don't think the Bloober guys had much choice.

Andy Chalk

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