CTA launches US Army brand peripherals


Branded peripherals rarely have much to offer over the cheaper versions of the same kit without a special logo, but when they come with official endorsement from a power as high as the US Army, surely they must be worth considering? That's what CTA Digital is hoping to convince us with its new range of gaming gear which comes decorated with the registered trade mark of the larger US fighting force.

Sadly, the new range of army-approved kit from CTA doesn't include actual pieces of military technology, like a powered exoskeleton for Kinect-like control or telepathic links to replace voice chat . Rather it's a selection of lightguns and backpacks which look almost – but not entirely – unlike the real things. They're also mostly for console use only, although the headset and throat mic (pictured above) are apparently PC compatible. The mic actually looks like it could be quite useful too.

In case you were wondering, pricing and availability details haven't yet been confirmed.

Expect a lot more of this sort of stuff next week, as CES kicks off in Las Vegas on Tuesday. This is CTA getting a pre-emptive strike in with its press release – there'll be plenty of quality news to talk about once the show kicks off.