CS:GO's "Operation Payback" extended to the end of this month

Valve are extending their Operation Payback campaign for another month. Which isn't to say they're planning another 30 days of making prank phone calls to the offices of EA's Origin - that's the other Operation Payback. This one is the reward scheme for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mapmakers, giving players the chance to remunerate the community creators for their contributions to the game. Originally due to retreat on July 31st, the programme will now run until the end of August.

In exchange for the $5.99 contribution , buyers of the Payback pass get official dedicated server access to the seven chosen maps over the course of the event. The maps included are Museum, Downtown, Library, Thunder, Favela, Seaside and Motel. Since the scheme's launch in April, a total of $150,000 has been paid out to the mapmakers involved.

While this first Operation Payback will now close on August 31st, Valve have announced that they're already looking for the next wave of creators to showcase. "We're looking at a great list of maps that we hope to include in the next operation," they write . "If you've been working on a map, now is the time to make sure it's in the workshop and getting votes!"

You can currently access the Operation: Payback pass for a discounted price of $0.99.

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Phil Savage

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