Crysis 3 performance issues caused by ropey physics

We already knew that Crysis 3 wanted to punish PCs with its graphical clout, but on release players started to report serious framerate drops affecting even SLI'd GTX 680s. Have Crytek prettied the game to a point where high-end GPUs can't handle the show? Not quite.

The problem, it seems, is ropes.

MaLDo, the creator of the amazing Crysis 2 enhancement mod MaLDoHD , spotted the issue and managed to work out the cause of the performance dip, experienced throughout the first level. "The real problem are the moving ropes," he writes . "Sounds weird, right?" It does! But he's got proof.

More examples have been posted to MaLDo's blog .

Maybe now the reason for the performance problem has been isolated, Crytek can be roped into releasing a fix.