Crysis 2 patch 1.9 to add DirectX 11 features next week

Crysis 2 - DirectX 11

Yesterday we gave an overview of some of the DirectX 11 features we can expect to see in Crysis 2 in the next update. The patch will add advanced "parallax occlusion mapping," and improvements for shadows, water, particles, depth of field and motion blur.

There will also be additional DirectX 11 compatible tessellation and high-res texture packs, which can be downloaded separately to improve world geometry and surface detail throughout the game. The Crysis forums bring word that we can expect all of these updates to hit next week, and a report on Shacknews suggests Monday June 27.

To get an idea of what the new features will look like, check out these side-by-side comparison shots , found by forum member Vivec. You'll find the full 1.9 patch notes below.

  • Added Contact Shadows

  • Added DX11 benchmark level

  • Added DX11 support for Crysis 2 (the following features only work when downloading the optional DX11 package here):

  • Tessellation + Displacement Mapping

  • High Quality HDR Motion Blur

  • Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra

  • Sprite Based Bokeh Depth of Field

  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping

  • Particles Motion Blur, Shadows and Art Updates

  • Water Rendering improvements and using Tessellation + Displacement Mapping

  • Added Realtime Local Reflections

  • Added support for Higher Res Textures Package

  • Added various new console variables to whitelist

  • Fixed bullet penetration, which had been broken by a bug introduced with the DLC 2 patch

  • Fixed issue in MP where player stats weren't always saved at the end of a game

  • Fixed issue in MP where player stats would sometimes randomly reset

  • Fixed issue with MP time played statistic, which would sometimes be too low on leaderboards and in stats

  • Fixed issue with JAW rocket not firing through window's containing broken glass

  • Fixed rare issue where a user could not access MP with a valid CD key if they had previously used an invalid CD key

  • Improved advanced graphics options menu

  • Improved anti-cheat measurements: fixed exploit which could prevent vote kicking working against a user

  • Improved multi-GPU support

  • Improved Tone Mapping

  • Re-added possibility to enable r_StereoSupportAMD via config file (unsupported)

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