Crypt of the Necrodancer gets the full Mega Man treatment

Crypt of the MegaDancer

Crypt of the Necrodancer, the rhythm-based roguelike, has a great name. It has a great review score. And now it has a great Mega Man mod: Crypt of the MegaDancer, a total conversion that replaces the original graphics and sound with a complete Mega Man experience.

The gameplay trailer already looks fantastic, but developer CutmanMike said on the Steam Workshop that there's quite a bit more to come, including new cutscenes for Cadence, Aria, and Melody, a change to the sarcophagus sprite to make it more visible, and a reduction of "visual noise" on the Zone 3 disco floors. The music, however, remains unchanged.

"I didn't include music with this mod because I didn't want to force people to Necrodance to 8-bit chiptunes. It would require even more effort to get used to, and a lot of the songs are really fast. You can still add it to the game via Custom Music if you have the tracks handy," he explained. He did, however, leave open the possibility that new music could be added in future releases, if there's sufficient demand.

You can grab Crypt of the MegaDancer from Steam.

Andy Chalk

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