Crusader Kings Chronicles: Lords of the North, Chapter 4

The Norse king, the seeress, and the Frisian general searched the isles of Sjóland for the cave of wisdom for nearly a year. During that time, Ragnarr's second son, Strybjörn, was born. As the months wore on, his men grew restless, and there was no sign of an end to their quest. To clear his mind, Ragnarr abandoned the search and took his men raiding in Iberia, sacking holds of both the Castillian Christians in Asturias and the Andalusian Muslims of the Umayyad Sultanate. His ships finally returned in the late winter of 907, whereupon he immediately called another Great Blot to Odin, in the hope that his sacrifice would clear the way to his destination.

Having taken Zeeland, the only thing I am missing to reform the Norse faith is the hefty 750 Piety. The temples I've burned and the captives I've brought back should fix that.

Many Iberian captives were given up in sacrifice at the blot, and the sagas tell that a great snake of mist came in from the sea as it ended. Ragnarr readied his fastest ship, and followed the trail of fog. On an islet mostly hidden from view, Ragnarr finally found the fabled cave, which he descended into for nine days and nights. It is said that he had no food nor drink, just as Odin had not when he hung from the World Tree to gain the wisdom of the runes.

Finally, the king emerged into the frigid air before his trusted companions. One of his eyes appeared milk white and blinded, while the other shone brighter than before.

"Come with me to the assembly," he commanded. "I now know the way forward."

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