Crucial Ballistix Elite 8GB RAM down to £50

You may have noticed RAM prices have been way more expensive than you're used to over the past six months or so. There are a number of factors involved here, but mainly, you can blame that smartphone in your pocket. The latest generation of smartphones is using DDR4 memory, just like your PC does, so the market has been under a lot of strain. 

Still, you can find the occasional good deal around. You can grab 8GB (2 x 4GB) of Crucial Ballistix Elite RAM on Amazon right now for £50.01. That extra penny makes all the difference. 

This particular set of RAM has been seen for cheaper before, but not since about October when prices started spiking. It's been all the way up at £86 for the past couple of months, and was hovering around £75 for a couple of months before that, so right now, £50 is a good deal. If you're looking to invest in some RAM, now might be the best time, as it's unclear whether the prices will keep rising as we move forward. 

With the Crucial Ballistix Elite you get the nice Ballistix MOD, the company's memory monitoring utility, which gives it an edge over some other brands. However it's not as stable as other brands when it comes to overclocking, if you're going to be going that route. It's got a reasonably high speed of 2666 MT/s, but extensive testing has shown higher RAM speeds barely give you a boost when it comes to gaming.

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