Crossing Souls is an '80s adventure, now on Kickstarter

Crossing Souls 2

Dateline: The '80s. Patrick Bateman is terrifying young women with speeches about Phil Collins; a Sinclair C5 is being driven unironically; someone, somewhere, is wearing a pantsuit. Everyone agrees that it will all be better in the '90s.

Dateline: Now. Through electro-synth music, stark, neon colours and the healing effect of 30 years, people are starting to appreciate that not everything in the '80s was completely terrible. And that, if it was, we should probably pretend that it wasn't.

Embracing this philosophy are, presumably, the developers of Crossing Souls—an "old-school action adventure" set in a 1986 version of California. The influence isn't just the setting, but the entire aesthetic, as you can see from this new trailer.

The game is currently on Kickstarter, and seeking $45,000. Despite this, it's already secured publishing support from Devolver Digital.

"The player will be able to control five different characters," explains the Kickstarter page, "mixing each one's unique abilities and weapons to overcome all the challenges and obstacles ahead of them. You will explore lots of places, interact with hundreds of NPC from different periods of time, solve puzzles, look for secret places and treasures, and fight against enemies in order to save your loved ones."

You can see more screenshots below.

Crossing Souls 3

Crossing Souls 4

Crossing Souls 5

Crossing Souls 6

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