Corsair's H115i RGB Pro XT is a top notch all-in-one liquid cooler and is just $105

Corsair's H115i RGB Pro XT is a top notch all-in-one liquid cooler and is just $105
Save $35 on this excellent CPU liquid cooler with this deal. (Image credit: Corsair)

Don't lose your cool over high temps, and consider upgrading your cooling solution instead. If that is the route you are going to take, have a look at Corsair's H115i RGB Pro XT, a slightly less lit-up version of our favorite cooler, the H115i RGB Platinum.

While we consider the H115i RGB Platinum to be the all-around best CPU cooler (opens in new tab), the H115i RGB Pro XT brings the same features and performance, just in a different color scheme (black) and without RGB lighting on the fans. It does, however, have an RGB pump with 16 individually addressable LEDs. It's also significantly cheaper with this deal.

Newegg has it discounted to $109.99 (down from $139.99), and you can knock an additional $5 off by using coupon code 93XQF86, bringing the checkout tally down to $104.99.

$139.99 (opens in new tab)
Cool Operator

Corsair iCue H115i RGB Pro XT Liquid Cooler | $139.99 $104.99 at Newegg (save $35) (opens in new tab)
The stock fan that shipped with your CPU will keep it from burning up, but Corsair's H115i RGB Pro XT will take cooling to a whole new level. Just be sure to use coupon code 93XQF86 at checkout for the full discount.

That's a sweet price for a cooler of this caliber. The RGB pump keeps the coolant flowing to and from the 280mm radiator, which is cooled by a pair of 140mm Corsair magnetic levitation PWM fans.

When called upon, the fans spin at 400 to 2,400 RPM. At lower temperatures, however, they stop spinning altogether for quieter operation. You can adjust the performance (and the RGB lighting on the pump) through Corsair's iCue software.

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