Corsair’s 1600W power supply has wattage to spare

Corsair announced a handful of new products at CES this week, including a beastly 1,600W power supply, it's burliest model to date.

Beyond a whole lot of wattage, Corsair's AX1600i offering is 80 Plus Titanium certified. That is the highest level of 80 Plus certification available, indicating a level of efficiency that exceeds 80 Plus Platinum and 80 Plus Gold models.

Corsair is also hyping up the use of gallium nitride (GaN) transistors, saying the AX1600i is the only enthusiast PSU to use that type. The benefit of doing so is higher efficiency in a smaller form factor, according to Corsair. To that end, the AX1600i measures 200mm long, with Corsair claiming greater than 94 percent efficiency.

This is also a fully modular unit. It has eight PCIe connectors, five SATA connectors, three 4-pin peripheral connectors, and two floppy connectors, to go along with the main ATX connector and two EPS plugs.

Finally, the AX1600i is compatible with Corsair's Link software, allowing users to monitor vitals and adjust the fan speed, among other tricks.

The AX1600i is listed at $450 on Corsair's website. It's not currently in stock, but should be available soon.

Corsair also unveiled a couple of new all-in-one liquid coolers, the H150i Pro and H115i Pro. What sets these apart from Corsair's previous generation AIO coolers is they are the first to have a "Zero RPM Mode" fan profile. Put simply, the fans do not spin when CPU temps are low.

The H150i Pro has three 120mm fans attached to a 360mm radiator, while the H115i Pro is a bit smaller with a 280mm radiator, with two 140mm latched onto it . Both feature a pump with RGB lighting. They're also supposedly easy to install with a tool-free mounting bracket.

You can order either one now—the H150i Pro is priced at $170, and the H115i Pro at $140.

Paul Lilly

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