Corsair wants to sync your RGB lighting with Far Cry 5

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Have you grown bored with your RGB lighting? Corsair is looking to spice things up by releasing new software that will allow you to sync RGB lighting on certain products with Far Cry 5 on PC.

The software is set to release on March 27, the same day Far Cry 5 arrives. It's a brand new utility from Corsair, and initially it will work with the company's RGB keyboards, mice, headsets, fans, and case lighting. Later versions will add more of Corsair's RGB products to the mix, though the company did not get into specifics. Perhaps that's a hint that Corsair plans to release RGB power supplies and storage products at some point.

In any event, lighting will dynamically adjust to various in-game interactions in Far Cry 5. Corsair says there are more than 35 events in the game that will trigger lighting changes and effects.

"Whether you’re exploring, being spotted by enemies, fighting for your life, fishing, or just watching the world go by, your entire Corsair setup will reflect the actions in-game," Corsair says.

In addition, Corsair plans to gift copies of Far Cry 5 with purchases of select RGB products of more than $150 from its webstore. The promotion kicks off March 23 and runs until April 30.

Corsair is not the only one pushing copies of Far Cry 5 with select purchases. In case you missed it, AMD announced earlier this week that certain prebuilt PCs with a Radeon RX Vega 56/64 or Radeon RX 580 inside will come with a coupon code to redeem the game for your Uplay library.

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