Corsair shows off wireless keyboard, mouse, and a mousepad that charged my phone

At CES this week, Corsair showed off a bevy of new new wireless products that claim to have virtually no lag at all, including a gaming mouse and keyboard. We first saw this mouse and wireless charging mousepad in 2017 as Concept Zeus, but as of today they're real products, due out at the end of the month.

First on the list is the new K63 wireless TKL gaming keyboard. It's got the usual necessary gaming creds, like Cherry MX Red switches, fully RGB lit and customizable lighting effects. The K63 also has incredible endurance, only asking to be plugged in for a charge after 75 hours of continuous gaming.

Corsair's full-sized wired K95 RGB Platinum took how our award for gaming keyboard of the year. But for those who desire to cut one more cord, the K63 brings along much of the K95's goodness, minus the number pad. It costs $110.

Corsair also announced its new Dark Core RGB wireless gaming mouse to compliment the K63 keyboard. It's got all the usual features ticked off for a reliable and fast gaming mouse, such as a 16,000 DPI sensor, a 1000 Hz polling rate and 24-hour battery life, but Corsair has integrated Qi wireless charging. This is different from what Logitech used in its G903 Chaos Spectrum, which is a proprietary method of wireless charging. The main difference is Logitech's charging mousepad can keep the G903 charged anywhere on the mat, but since Corsair's Dark Core RGB uses Qi, needs to be placed specifically on the Q charging spot.

It's convenient then that Corsair's new MM1000 mouse pad is a Qi enabled RGB mousepad. The benefit of using Qi is of course the ability to also charge any Qi enabled device—like many of the current mobile phones. I put my phone on the Qi spot, located in the top-right corner of the MM1000 and voila, it charges. Another rare feature of the Dark Core: it can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth in addition to 2.4GHz. Oh, it also has RGB lighting, of course.

The Dark Core mouse will cost $90, and the mousepad will run you another $80. Wireless is freeing, but it ain't cheap.

Tuan Nguyen
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