Corsair launches a $50 case for budget builders to show off their hardware

Corsair has quietly added another mid-tower case to its lineup, one that's rather easy on the wallet and, depending on your tastes, a bit stylish to boot. It's the Carbide Series Spec-05, and it's just $50.

We haven't seen this case in person, but in looking at the photos, the styling looks a little similar to some of Asus' ROG laptops. Angled lines and ventilation on the front the case give it a bit of character without going overboard on the design.

There's a large side window that looks like tempered glass, but is actually made of acrylic. Corsair likely opted for acrylic to keep costs down, though we're starting to see tempered glass appear on lower priced cases. This just isn't one of them.

Corsair includes a 120mm red LED fan, and you can add up to five more throughout the case. If you prefer to liquid cool, you can fit up to a 240mm radiator inside the Spec-05, with Corsair listing compatibility for its H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, and H100i all-in-one liquid coolers.

The case also supports up to three 2.5-inch SSDs and two 3.5-inch HDDs. If you remove the drive cage, you can install a pair of 140mm fans in the front.

On top, there are USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports (one each), separate headphone and microphone jacks, and power and reset buttons.

You can purchase now from Newegg with free shipping, or direct from Corsair ($40 in the US, €55 in the EU).

Paul Lilly

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