Cooler Master’s $90 mouse and keyboard combo targets gamers on a budget

Since keyboards and mice go hand-in-hand when gaming on a PC, it makes sense to bundle them together, though they are typically sold separately. Cooler Master decided to go against the grain with its new MasterSet MS120 combo.

The MasterSet MS120 consists of a keyboard and mouse packaged together. Both are intended for gamers. With regards to the keyboard, it uses "mem-chanical" clicky switches, meaning it's a hybrid plank that's designed to mimic the feel and performance of a mechanical slab at a lower cost. Specifically, Cooler Master wanted the typing experience to feel like Cherry MX Blues (see our guide on mechanical key switches for an explanation on the various types).

"We created a keyboard that mirrors the highly popular mechanical Cherry MX Blue switches and made it affordable while maintaining functionality. We successfully pulled this off with the satisfying clicky feature on our newest mem-chanical switches," says Bram Rongen, Peripheral Marketing Manager.

The hybrid switches consists of a tactile plunger that slips into a spring, which is then placed into a steady support housing. UV coated keycaps sit on top. The result is a keyboard that "looks and feels premium," according to Cooler Master. It also features per-key RGB lighting and 26-key anti-ghosting.

As for the mouse, it touts a Pixart Avago 3050 optical sensor with an adjustable dpi up to 3,500. It also has Omron switches that are rated for 10 million presses, two top buttons, a dpi switch button, two side buttons, an ALPS encoder scroll wheel, and RGB lighting.

Pricing for the MasterSet MS120 is set at $90 (£80)—not too shabby when you consider it is easy to spend that much or more on a gaming keyboard or mouse alone. Cooler Master's press release says it should be available now, though over on Amazon it's showing that orders will ship in 1 to 2 months.

Paul Lilly

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