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Converse with a sentient AI in sci-fi adventure Event[0]

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Event[0] (opens in new tab) is doing exciting things with Interactive Fiction, taking a game where you talk to a sentient AI with the aid of multiple computer terminals and wrapping a first-person adventure game tightly around it. You'll spend the game trapped on an abandoned spaceship, your only means of escape being the HAL-like artificial intelligence in control. The first trailer, above, shows the player chatting with this AI to open doors and reveal more about what went on, before things take a scary turn towards the end.

Wonderfully, you'll interact with the AI in Event[0] by typing phrases into the various computer terminals yourself, rather than selecting options from a menu. You'll also have a physical body in the game, meaning you can walk around the spaceship when you're not chatting up the computer, which should add greatly to the sense of immersion.

Event[0] is being made by a pretty large team that includes Sergey Mohov, maker of Paradis Perdus (opens in new tab) and a game designer on the lovely looking (and sadly PS4-exclusive) Rime. Event[0] is "coming soon", but in the meantime there's this short prequel story (opens in new tab). (Thanks, IndieGames (opens in new tab))

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