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Conclave announced for Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 Conclave
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You can be the strongest ruler in the known world, but there's no escaping the self-interested meddling of your local council. The Conclave (opens in new tab) expansion for Crusader Kings 2 (opens in new tab) is arriving early this year, and turns the royal council into an entity of its own.

The ruler of each vassal gets a seat on the council—whether they're up to the job or not—and will begin voting on changes to laws, descending into civil war and ignoring potholes in the town centre.

In addition, the education system has been revised, bringing new traits and events for royal offspring, and diplomacy now allows for coalitions while placing a greater emphasis on marital ties and non-agression. Combat has also been reworked, with a renewed focus on morale and new ways to manage mercenaries.

Nothing about Conclave looks like it will make your rule easier, and that's what you get for listening to other people's opinions. Absolute monarchy (opens in new tab), anyone?