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Conan Exiles is free to play until Sunday

Conan Exiles, the survival MMO with dong physics, pets, and other stuff that's not as cool as pets, is free to play for the weekend. The four-day freebie will give aspiring players an opportunity to see what it's all about, and those who used to play a chance to see how the game has changed since it went into full release last year. 

That includes a major update released last week that makes a number of quality of life changes and gameplay updates, adds new types of Purges and a new world boss in the Frozen North, rebalances multiple play areas, and adds a new VOIP system, complete with mouth movements. New content for high-level players has also been added, including more challenging enemies and bosses in the Unnamed City. 

The Conan Exiles free weekend is live now and runs until March 11. It's also on sale on Steam for $20/£17/€20 until March 18, and if you already own the game all the DLC is 25 percent off until then too.