Complete tasks to win games in the Steam Treasure Hunt

Steam Treasure Hunt

Steam has launched a treasure hunt game that asks players to complete game-related objectives to be in with a chance of winning 100 games. There are also a few Team Fortress 2 hats up for grabs. Details follow.

Every day Steam will throw up a new set of objectives. These tasks can be anything from setting up a Steam avatar to in-game tasks based on Steam achievements. Every two days, 20 people who have completed one objective will win the top 5 games on their wishlist. Each objective completed acts as another entry into the draw, so completing all four daily objectives will improve your chances.

From the look of today's tasks it seems that the games involved in each objective will be offered at a cheaper price. Today Ruse , Poker Night at the Inventory and Chime are all on sale.

If you complete 10 objectives over the next few weeks you'll be entered into a grand prize draw on December 20th. If you win that you'll win 100 games of your choosing.

As for the TF2 hats, there are three on offer, and each can be unlocked by completing a certain number of objectives.

  • 5 objectives - Bounty Hat

  • 10 objectives - Treasure Hat

  • 28 objectives - Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect

For more information about the give-away and a list of the current objectives, check out the Steam Treasure Hunt page. If you decide to go for ten objectives and a shot at the 100 game prize, it's worth noting that you have to make sure you log into Steam on December 20th to be eligible. Will you be playing? How many objectives will you plump for?

Tom Senior

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