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Company of Heroes 2 and Saints Row 4 are this weekend's Steam free trials

This weekend, you've the chance to sample two entirely separate threads on the PC gaming quilt. There's the gruelling, harsh, harrowing struggle of war in Company of Heroes 2; or the super-powerful, super-power-ballad-full, comedy hijinks of Saints Row IV. Fun and frolics or fear and frostbite? Either way, both games are free to trial until Sunday, and are accompanied by discounts that will last until Monday.

Personally, Saints Row 4 is more my jam, thanks to its satisfying mix of enjoyable open-world navigation, funny jokes and Paula Abdul. It's a game that doesn't always feel suited to the engine it was built in - and can feel a bit shonky as a result. But for sheer entertainment value, it's an excellent way to spend some time. It's also secretly the most clever stupid game you will ever play. You can find Rich's review here .

Company of Heroes 2 is less my thing, but still an extremely good strategy. Its release was slightly dampened by the fact that it isn't Company of Heroes 1, and that its Soviet campaign doesn't work as well as the original game's excellent missions. Rich also reviewed this one .

As is usually the case for these things, the trials are being handled through Steam. You'll also find a 66% discount for Company of Heroes 2 , and 50% for Saints Row 4 .

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