Company behind gamer bed releases desktop hand massager

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Several millennia ago, back in March 2020 the gaming world was abuzz with wonder over a product that rides the hard line between genius and, well something else. Japanese company Bauhutte released a gaming bed which allowed users to seamlessly transition from sleep to game without ever needing to get up. It’s one of those items I absolutely want but also don’t think I should ever allow myself to have.

Bauhutte hand massager inside and outside

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Bauhutte’s next innovation that gamers were too scared to ever ask for is a little bit different. Spotted by Gizmodo, Bauhutte’s Hand Massager is designed to sit on a gamers desk ready to do as its name suggests. The unit looks a lot like a UV light machine for setting certain nail polishes, but with a black gamer flair.

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Inside the hand sized box are 15 air cushions which can be set to different intensities and areas when providing hand massages. There are different pressures, and separate modes for the whole hand or just getting your digits ironed out. Plus there’s even a heater to help with pesky cold fingers before a game or potential tendon strain. 

For the moment the Hand Massager is only available on Bauhutte’s Japanese website, and retails for the equivalent of about $150 USD. It sounds a little ridiculous but as someone who uses a computer a lot and has some RSI to prove it, I wouldn’t say no. Professional gamers, streamers, and esports players are likely to be the target market, like most of Bauhutte’s niche gamer products. However, if there are any health benefits to be had this could be good for computer users, or even hand users of all stripes. 

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