How to unlock the Rytec AMR in Modern Warfare

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Eager to unlock the Warzone Rytec AMR? Infinity Ward's new sniper rifle is a semi-automatic ranged destroyer that can use thermite and explosive rounds to pick off enemies. Boasting a significantly higher rate-of-fire than the HDR and AX-50, and performing better at range than the Dragunov, the Rytec AMR is fun to experiment with in the wilds of Verdansk.

Lining up shots with a sniper rifle can be tense, but Warzone's new sniper rifle allows you to remedy a failed attempt with a brisk follow up. The snappy sniper fits perfectly in battle royale, so there's little time to waste in adding one to your loadouts. Here's how to unlock the Rytec AMR, and how to get hold of its Legendary Damnation blueprint.

How to unlock the Rytec AMR in Warzone

Since season 4 started, there are four new sniper rifles in Warzone, although you'll have to put in some work to access the new semi-automatic addition. In keeping with other powerful weapons such as the Grau 5.56, you're required to complete a specific challenge to get your hands on the new long-distance beast.

To unlock the Rytec AMR, you need to get three quickscope kills using sniper or marksman rifles in 15 different matches.

Similar to previous weapon challenges, the quickest and easiest way to add the Rytec AMR to your loadouts is by hopping into Multiplayer matches. You can use any sniper or marksman rifle, so add a scope to your weapon of choice and test your reflexes in small maps like Shipment and Rust. Shipment currently has a 24/7 mode in the Multiplayer playlist, making it a great place to start.    

Remember, your eliminations only count if you quickscope, so tap right-click on your mouse to scope and fire promptly afterwards. You don't have time to line up your shots so try to stay at close and mid-ranges to take out opponents swiftly. 

If you're skilled and short on time, you just drop out of matches after achieving three quickscope kills. Ensure you've secured your eliminations by opening your Multiplayer loadouts and scrolling to the Rytec AMR, then check the Unlock Criteria counter to confirm your kills. Avoid joining the same match after exiting a game early as further eliminations won't count the second time.

Free-to-play Warzone players may struggle to unlock the Rytec AMR. It's not impossible, but it will take significantly longer to complete. Aside from waiting for a free CoD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer weekend, queuing into Plunder is the best way to go for now. Alternatively, keep an eye on the Warzone playlist for other modes that offer multiple opportunities to respawn quickly.

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You could also just buy the Rytec AMR Damnation blueprint

There's another way to unlock the Rytec AMR, but it requires visiting the store and parting with 1200 COD Points ($11.98/£10.38). This version of the weapon cannot be levelled up, either. The 'Lost Souls' bundle includes a blueprint for the new sniper that comes pre-built with five attachments:

  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Barrel: FTAC 488mm Dictator Barrel
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape
  • Optics: Cronen C480 Pro Optic 
  • Stock: XRK Mastadon 

The Cronen C480 Pro Optic offers 3.5x zoom, ensuring your ranged shots are accurate. Stippled Grip Tape is a popular attachment on a variety of weapons as it increases your aim-down-sight and sprint-to-fire speeds. This is one of the best rear grips on offer, so having it attached to the pre-assembled blueprint is extremely valuable. The added stability from the Tac Laser is also helpful on occasions where you have to react to an oncoming threat quickly.

While the blueprint exhibits some of what the Rytec AMR has to offer, I still think it's worth unlocking via the weapon challenge. Its explosive and thermite ammunition options highlight its versatility compared to other sniper rifles. Confident players will make quick work of the task, too. 

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