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Cloudpunk's first-person mode is here

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If you enjoy the idea of exploring a cyberpunk city composed of voxels but balk at doing it from a zoomed-out perspective, Cloudpunk's latest update (opens in new tab) brings a first-person view so you can rub your eyeballs all over neon signs and burning trash cans up close. All you have to do is zoom in until the player model disappears, which activates mouselook (or right analogue-stick look if you're using a controller).

There's also a third-person view that's a halfway point between the original zoomed-out perspective and first person, complete with trad camera rotation, which can be activated by pressing X. The vehicle camera can be unlocked while driving now as well, though not while ascending or descending. "One of our long-term plans is adding a full first person cockpit view while driving", the developers say.

This patch also adds controller rebinding, mouse steering, and cleaning robots who buzz around the streets mopping up puddles. Which is nice.

Cloudpunk is a narrative game about being a delivery driver in a quite BladeRunner-looking city. Our reviewer enjoyed it (opens in new tab), saying, "Your little hover car is a delight to control, with a nice feeling of speed, weight, and momentum. Gliding across those dazzling cityscapes, weaving through traffic, and firing your repulsors to gain altitude feels sensational."

Jody Macgregor
Jody Macgregor

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